Our website service is designed to meet our clients’ business goals, using strategy and professional copywriting to convert users into customers.
Our website traffic has skyrocketed since Brand Clever designed our new site, which, together with their marketing system, has led to a huge increase in in-store footfall and turnover. The design process couldn’t have been easier – Brand Clever took care of all of the copy and image selection for us and just got on with the job. They also update the website for us every week with new content which keeps our customers engaged. We couldn’t be happier with the service they provide, and the results we get from the website.

Do you want a website that…

Drives users to buy, sign up, visit or contact you?

Stands out from your competitors’ sites?

Engages users THROUGH professional copywriting?

Doesn’t require lots of your time and input?


We use our skills and experience as website designers, marketeers, copywriters and entrepreneurs to build results-driven websites.

Time-saving website design, build and copywriting service.
Free and easy-to-use integrated CMS enables quick website updates.
Convenient live demo allows you to provide feedback quickly and easily.
Secure hosting and unlimited updates packages available.
Responsive: optimised for mobiles, tablets and desktop computers.
Website marketing and performance analysis services available.


Steam Boiler Manufacturer
The client’s previous website used outdated and unsupported software and was difficult for users to navigate. We redesigned the site in WordPress (responsive, with CMS) and rewrote the copy from scratch. We also added case studies, news and industry-specific sections to engage users.
Commercial Refrigeration Provider
The client needed a new website that reflected their growth and increasing status, but were struggling to find a website design company that showed an understanding of their business and industry – until they found us. We have worked with many companies in HVAC so were able to build a website that would attract the company’s ideal clients. Due to restricted budget, we transferred much of the copy from their previous website onto a brand new responsive website with a modern design.
Garden Centre Retailer
The client’s previous website was failing to have an impact on in-store sales. We built a new website from scratch (including full copywriting) using a bright, welcoming design, and packed the website full of information that the client’s target customers would find useful and interesting. We continue to update the website with weekly and monthly posts, which is integrated with an email marketing campaign to ensure a consistent flow of return visits. The garden centres’ turnover has increased substantially since working with us.
Materials Handling and Cooling Specialists
The client’s website design required updating, but the client had very little time to provide input. The site also had to be up and running with just two weeks’ notice (before a major exhibition). We built wrote copy for the entire site, including all product pages, and rebuilt the website in a responsive, modern design. The site has a free integrated CMS, so can be easily updated by the client as and when they want to.


Pick up the phone and tell us what you’re after – your target customers are spending their money somewhere, so let’s make sure it’s with you.


What our clients say about us

In the thirty years I have been commissioning, checking, correcting and approving technical marketing collateral prepared by outsourced agencies, I have found proficiency in technical matters to be generally poor and excellent English language skills to be increasingly rare. However, Brand Clever commands all of these skills to an extraordinarily high degree. I would not hesitate to strongly recommend Brand Clever to anyone.

Dr Paul Day C.CHEM. M.R.S.C

Technical Director, Sentinel Performance Solutions

Brand Clever dragged our branding out of the dark ages. They've helped with everything from our website, brochure, email marketing and exhibition graphics, to effective PR that has gained us wide exposure to our target clients. Plus, the team are great to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Jeff Day

Managing Director, AB Systems

Brand Clever got us results when no-one else could, helping us gain exposure in an incredibly competitive market, with coverage in both the UK and the States, and within a tight start-up budget. Save your energy and money and go straight to these guys - they'll stop at nothing to do the best job possible.

Jennifer Arcuri

CEO and Co-Founder, Hacker House