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Our clients vary widely – from commercial steam boiler specialists and rising film production companies, to national turf suppliers and local retailers. The common thread between them all? A passion to move forward and succeed, and a willingness to let us help them on their journey.
Despite a tough remit and tight budget, Brand Clever pulled it out of the bag with the marketing and PR of our films. We continue to benefit from their support and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.


PR Case Study

How we helped a premium water treatment brand influence 154,560 targeted readers per month for just 9% of the cost of advertising


  • Incredibly competitive and fast-moving industry.
  • Many competitor products much cheaper than the client’s premium quality products.
  • Many buyers view all branded products as the same, and will opt for cheapest.
  • 30+ year old industry; same messages repeatedly pumped out to buyers.

What we did:

  • Trade press campaign in all key magazines read by target audiences.
  • Wrote copy for and issued news and product press releases and case studies, and formed educational pieces to sell in to editors.
  • Messages focused on the benefits to tradespeople of using premium quality products.


  • Fresh messaging engaged and connected with target audience, and put competitors in ‘catch-up’ mode.
  • In 2017, PR campaign reached 1,854,730 targeted readers (average of 154,560 per month).
  • 2017 campaign coverage cost just 9% of the equivalent advertising space, saving £££,£££’s.

Additional work:

  • Award entry write-ups.
  • How to and promotional videos, written, shot and edited.
  • CPD written and designed.
  • Copywriting for website and other printed marketing materials.
  • Copywriting for growing European subsidiaries.
  • Product and press release photography.


How we helped a local garden centre increase turnover by 197%


  • Client tasked us with increasing in-store sales.
  • No internal marketing staff.
  • Ineffective website and e-mail marketing, provided by outsourced marketing agency.

What we did:

  • New branding for the garden centre and internal cafe. Signs, staff uniforms, POS, etc all updated.
  • Designed new responsive and Google-friendly website with CMS. 
  • Website updated weekly with added-value content designed to increase website views and drive customers to store.
  • Developed in-store rewards programme to encourage repeat business and email marketing sign-ups.
  • Implemented monthly email marketing campaign with content designed to engage readers and increase footfall in-store.
  • In-store marketing updated monthly with content designed to increase spend and encourage email sign ups.
  • Suggested calendar of events, including a Christmas market, to drive footfall in-store and reach new customers. Planning and management assistance provided when needed.
  • Provided suggestions for more effective store layout, product lines, and cafe menu.
  • To support growth of the cafe, and further it’s progress, the client hired a catering manager after two years.


  • Garden Centre turnover has increased by 197% since working with us.
  • Email marketing went from a database of 35 unengaged customers to 535 connected customers.
  • Website traffic up by 667%.
  • Christmas market is now the largest and most popular in the area (so much so, the client has to create an overflow car park every year!).
  • Footfall rates are the highest they have ever been in the garden centre’s 40+ year history, with transactions having increased 143% in the past five years alone.
  • One delighted client – and lots of happy garden centre customers!


How our website design, build and copywriting services have helped many different businesses.

Steam Boiler Manufacturer
The client’s previous website used outdated and unsupported software and was difficult for users to navigate. We redesigned the site in WordPress (responsive, with CMS) and rewrote the copy from scratch. We also added case studies, news and industry-specific sections to engage users.
Commercial Refrigeration Provider
The client needed a new website that reflected their growth and increasing status, but were struggling to find a website design company that showed an understanding of their business and industry – until they found us. We have worked with many companies in HVAC so were able to build a website that would attract the company’s ideal clients. Due to restricted budget, we transferred much of the copy from their previous website onto a brand new responsive website with a modern design.
Garden Centre Retailer

The client’s previous website was failing to have an impact on in-store sales. We built a new website from scratch (including full copywriting) using a bright, welcoming design, and packed the website full of information that the client’s target customers would find useful and interesting. We continue to update the website with weekly and monthly posts (integrated with an email marketing campaign) ensuring return visits. The garden centres’ turnover has increased substantially since working with us.

Materials Handling and Cooling Specialists
The client’s website design required updating, but the client had very little time to provide input. The site also had to be up and running with just two weeks’ notice (before a major exhibition). We built wrote copy for the entire site, including all product pages, and rebuilt the website in a responsive, modern design. The site has a free integrated CMS, so can be easily updated by the client as and when they want to.


Whether you’re a small local company with big ambitions, or a large firm set to dominate the market, we’d love to work with you.