Just like many of our clients, we’re a small team with big ambitions, and a non-stop commitment to helping our customers succeed.


in late 2012 and quickly gained a rafter of national and local clients, many of whom still work with us today. We’re a purposefully small core team that works with a network or carefully selected  freelancers. This approach keeps us flexible and lean, ensuring we can offer competitive prices, and enables us to get to know our clients well, react quickly to their needs, and get the right person on the job every time. Here’s a throwback to early 2013 when Elisa was still a lone ranger >
  1. We treat your business as if it’s our own
– with love, care and attention. We get to know our clients’ business, market and customers, and take time to understand the ins and outs of their products and services – even technical ones (we can tell you exactly how a driven electrolytic limescale inhibitor works, or how a free cooling chiller operates, for example). This takes time and investment on our behalf, but it pays off for our clients, who get better results, and it pays off for us (with more business!).
2. We take time to understand our clients’ business, industry and customers
Repeating this point as it is vitally important – and, sadly, rarely well done in the marketing world. Our understanding of your business is the crux of everything: it makes or breaks PR, copywriting, website design, and so on, and is one of the things our clients tell us they appreciate the most about what we do.
3. We deal with the details
Our clients don’t have lots of time – they need people they can trust to get on with the tasks at hand and deliver them on time, to a high degree. We’re great at dealing with details, taking initiative and getting things done without requiring lots of input or prompting from our clients – it’s one of the reasons we retain our working relationships for so long. Take our website design service for example; after gaining an understanding of what you’re after, what you want to achieve, who you want to target, etc, we take it from there. We can put the marketing plan together, write the web copy, source the images, etc, so that you can get on with your own job.
4. Totally flexible, friendly service
A key factor of business success is the ability to grow in an organic, lean fashion – this fact is true of the largest international corporations right through to the smallest local businesses. To support our clients’ success, we  offer a totally flexible service, enabling our clients to engage us on specific projects or work with us on a long-term, retained basis.

You’ll also find that we are a genuinely friendly team that always aims to do the best for our clients. This comes from a place of wanting personal and professional satisfaction, and it works for us – our clients are happy, we get more business, and they recommend us (in fact, we built our business on recommendations alone for the first five years!).


Elisa Tidswell

Elisa Tidswell

Marketing Strategy Director

Matti Beramsingh

Matti Beramsingh

Director of Video Production


You know us. We don’t know you. Let’s change that. Pick up the phone and give us a call – we’re looking forward to helping you.